Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This is not a complain....

It's almost midnight my girly,
but I'm still waiting for you
this is not a complain
I just love to wait for you...
but you know I can't forever
I'll wait the most till I can
I'm not gonna ask you to hurry up
coz if you want me
definitely you will do it
you know that I'm right here waiting for you
I told you that I already made a choice...

so please listen girly...
you just have to do the same
if it's not gonna happen
I don't have any idea about
what to do or what to believe
anyway, you should note one thing..
you will miss me & you will
remember me more than you think now

I don't have any hesitation about it
coz I will be a guy who you not gonna
find anywhere else...
I me...!!!

~ Mahesh4ever ~

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