Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No..I do not love you..but...,

hey girl...,
I'm not confused..because I know
what you meant in that..
" don't fall in love with me.. "
but you know
it's something will come to my heart...
the only thing that I'll do is...
never gonna open my heart to you
so listen girly.....please...

Each & everything in our life
is a choice...even your birth
in our small time,
someone made it for us
may be our parents
but now you are a big girl..!!

you can make choices in your own
Now I can guess...
what's your real problem is
but don't ask me....
because you know it better than me..

I also have to made a choice
finally I did it...not very easily
but because I have to...
so I have faith on it...and
I'm waiting..., waiting...,
but can't wait so long..

~ Mahesh4ever ~


  1. Appreciate your effort Mahesh..You write nicely in English too


  2. @ Iresha :

    Thank you very much my dear...
    Ur words means a lot to me...


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