Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Love is special for you...!!

I may be a way bad kisser
but I really really love to kiss you,
love to hold your hands 
& walk through lonely paths 
by showing you that 
My Love is so special for you...!!

You know the real reason why,
you are not answering
to my serious questions is 
you know that my love is so special...
& you will find it unforgettable with me

please have faith on me
you can feel my love like...
when you are bathing in the rain 
that you wanna be with me
& hey please don't lie....

I know that I'm not perfect for you
but I love you like,
I don't have anything without you
don't know why?
I just being honest my girly
please trust me &  
you can leave me whenever you want...

~ Mahesh4ever ~


මගේ හිත හදන්නෙ, ඔයාලගෙ අදහස් තමයි ...